Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kuantan Homestay - SL Villa History

SL Villa History

How it was started?....there were three incidents happened to have this villa. Initially, in 1980, our late grandmother Yong Kum Mui worked as the cleaner for one of the homestays in from of our house located at Jalan Air Putih. She had been working there for more than 10 years. Subsequently during 1988, our family has an empty land and my father planned to build a semi-dee. It was so coincident that my late grandfather Loh Wah also retired at the year. Thus, my father invited both grandparents to take care the “newly built-7-room” villa.

At that time, nobody knew it was named SL Villa. Everyone just called in Loh Wah Inn. Loh Wah Inn was not only a place for business purpose. The house was actually our family gathering and social gathering point. Almost every weekend and public holiday or big occassion day, our families (uncles, aunties, cousins, children, babies) would prefer to choose this place to go.

Some customers knew our family since our grandparents time when they were still in their 20s. They were mostly sales representative from Kuala Lumpur to meet their East Coast Customers once a month.   

Today, this is already fourth generation. Yet, they still missed our service and still always recalled how we behaved when we were a little kid.

In 2006, our father, Sam Jee Nga, insisted to build larger villa to accommodate more customers. He has strong principle: do not cancel their room or “chase” the customers away while they might need to stay for few more days. He also ensures the room cleanliness and also the safety of their personal belongings.  

Today our customer are including mainly those visit Kuantan for the holiday and vacation especially after the East Coast Highway completed in 2005. Kuantan is always a relaxed and slow-paced place to rejuvenate.

SL Villa has become an important memory for customers and  our family.  Let the memory continues……..

The Loh Wah’s Grandchild

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some good food at Kuantan!

  • There are many restaurants and eateries that have mushroomed around Berjaya Megamall on Jalan Tun Ismail which serve local food at reasonable prices.
  • Keropok Lekor is also famous in Kuantan, especially the ones sold by Mok Nah in Tanjung Lumpur and Pak Soh 2 in Sungai Karang on the way to Balok. The variant sold here is slighty different from the ones you find in Kuala Terengganu in that it is soft but crispy.
  • Sata, fish paste and coconut wrapped in coconut leaves and barbequed; good with fresh fruit juice.
  • Otak-otak, fish paste wrapped in coconut leaves and barbequed; good with beer.
  • Satay, chunks of chicken or beef on a skewer, cooked over a charcoal fire. Eaten with a peanut-based dip. The tastiest satay in Kuantan can be found at Zul's Satay, located in a corner shop at the junction to Beserah from the Kuantan town-Teluk Cempedak road. Heading towards Teluk Cempedak from Kuantan, it is on your left at the traffic lights with a Zam Zam restaurant opposite it (also on your left).
  • Nasi dagang
  • Nasi lemak
  • Malaysian Chinese cuisine, e.g. Hainanese chicken rice, wan tan mee (noodles with wan tan soup), yong tau foo (tofu, eggplant, bitter gourd etc with fish stuffing), char koay teow, (noodles fried with cockles and bean sprouts), dim sum, curry laksa (noodles in curry sauce), assam laksa (noodles in curry sauce flavoured with tamarind) etc. On Jalan Penjara in Kuantan town is a corner restaurant, Hock Heng Baru which serves delicious and reasonably-priced Hainan cuisine. While you are at Hock Heng Baru, do try their killer sour plum lime drink where they go the extra mile to blend even the sour plum flesh together with the limes to give the drink an extra sour taste.
  • Malaysian Indian cuisine, e.g. roti canai, nasi kandar, tandoori chicken, food served in "banana leaf" restaurants etc.
  • Local fruits, e.g. rambutan (a hairy-looking fruit - "rambut" means hair in Malay), mangosteen ("manggis" in Malay), duku, langsat, pomelo, jambu, guava, starfruit, jackfruit ("nangka" in Malay) and durian. Durian is an acquired taste as it is strong-smelling. It is greatly loved by Malaysians!
  • Kemaman Kopitiam, corner shop opposite Berjaya Megamall, serves delicious coffee.
  • Curry Laksa at Hoi Yin Restaurant in Teluk Cempedak. Located in the row of shops on the left as you approach the beach. Opens morning till early afternoon.
  • For Seafood Hunters, a uniquely seafood restaurant by the white sandy beach is available along Jalan Beserah - Pak Su Seafood Restaurant. Served various type of fresh seafood though it might be a bit expensive if you are a foreigner, up to 150MYR . Visited by lot of foreign tourists. The famous Stuffed Crab is a must try dishes.
  • You can also enjoy a variety of delicious seafood dishes at affordable price in Tanjung Lumpur village which is connected via Tangjung Lumpur bridge and is about 2km from the city centre. A range of restaurants is located along Jalan Tangjung Lumpur such as NARA seafood, Ismail Ikan Bakar etc. The recently opened seafood restaurant, SANTAI offers more choices for seafood hunters.
  • Lunch at AKOB PATIN HOUSE, famous with local food, GULAI TEMPOYAK PATIN and about 30 other more local menus, Located in town centre, Tapak PCCL, off Jalan Besar, on the river side of Sungai Kuantan. also serve you a few veriety of river fish like Kerai, Tengalan and Patin. Call for reservation +6012-9577057

Saturday, December 25, 2010

关丹干净民宿 (Kuantan Homestay - SL Villa)

Kuantan homestay at SL Villa

5 Mins from Teluk Chempedak and Taman Gelora.
15 Mins from East Coast Mall
20 Mins from Kuantan Airport
30 Mins from Sungai Lembing and Gambang Water Resort ThemePark
45 Mins from Cherating

15 rooms from RM45 onwards...single room, double room, triple, family room (4 persons) or you can rent the whole house!

Please book early (it could be more than  6 months earlier) because it is always full during Thursday, weekends, holidays or even good Chinese lunar days!

Address: No 1, Lorong Air Putih 91, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
GPS Point : 3.835159 , 103.342292
Booking Telephone  : Tel: +609-5661199 
Booking Handphone: 017-513 2988 (English, Mandarin), 013-9322680 (Mandarin), 012-9831911 (姐) 

This homestay is suitable for :
  • For those who need guest-house during wedding occasion
  • Family Gathering & Family resthouse during holiday
  • Family private function and ceremony
  • Rent for company staffs (1-2 months)
  • 适合全家人在节日期间住宿
  • 提供在婚宴期间住宿的亲朋戚
  • 家庭聚会
  • 对于企业,公司使用租赁
House Facilities :
  • Diamond Water filter
  • Kettle to boil hot water for babies or coffee/tea
  • Astro TV
  • Free parking
  • Dining table
  • Free Wifi ( Highspeed Broadband)
Kuantan Homestay Map - Click to Enlarge
                             Click Google MAP, GPS Point : 3.83516N , 103.34229E
SL Villa - Front (Please Book 017-5132988)
3  Bed Room
Flat TV with Astro


4 Bed Room

  • 净水过滤
  • 线电视
  • 费泊车
  • 餐具
  • 白板
  • 椅子
  • 家具

Booking Telephone  : Tel: +609-5661199 
Booking Handphone: 017-513 2988 (English, Mandarin), 013-9322680 (Mandarin), 012-9831911 (姐)