Friday, July 8, 2011

Things to do when visiting Kuantan (Interesting Activity)

Places can visit during the trip to Around Kuantan (this can be done 1-2 days trip)
1) Beach in the town! Visit Telok Chempedak is one of the most popular beaches in Kuantan - without it, the trip is not complete! It is crowded especially during the night! A great p
GPS: 3.811437N 103.372421E
2) Memory in 60's-70's: Do visit the Sungai Lembing town and Museum and see the glory days as Pahang’s richest manufacturer of tin, before the drop in the price of that commodity in 1984.  Can leave from Kuantan 4am morning to Sungai Lembing (the journey take 1 hours) and start climbing up to the Sungai Lembing Mountain for 45 mins. Then we could see the "Cloud Sea" below our food! Besides, you can taste the local breakfast.
GPS: 3.91291N,103.03288E
3) Charah Cave (Gua Charas  is a limestone cave which is well-known for its 'Sleeping Buddha', an impressive stone sculpture of the reclining Buddha. According to the locals, the 'Sleeping Buddha' looks the best, when the sun shines in at 11 o'clock in the morning.
GPS: 3.90831N 103.146837E
4) Fascinating River Cruise (boat trip) and Mangroves-
Tel: 09-5121644 (Opposite Kuantan General Hospital)
GPS: 3.79934N 103.322811E
5) Fireflies Trip (Kelip-Kelip)
Boat trip that takes around 1 hour. Boat picks u up at the jetty (if you're coming from Gambang, the jetty is on the left hand side before the bridge to Giant hypermarket).  It's like watching christmas trees on the tree! :) Some even flew near to boat!  RM20 per adult and RM10 per children. Minimum must have 8 pax to run the trip. Maximum 14 pax. Can see alligator too!
Address: LBC Sdn Bhd, Medan Feri, Tanah Putih Baru, Kuantan
Phone: +609-5150626, +6012-2952789
GPS: 3.791900N 103.305591E
6) Sungai Pandan Waterfall (Pancing Waterfall)Sungai Pandan Waterfall is 30 minutes from Kuantan. The falls is popular among local and during weekend for family picnics. The fall ends in a large pool. The water is very cool and refreshing.
GPS: 3.791590N 103.14475E
7) Pahang Buddhist Temple-One of the biggest temple in East Coast of Malaysia. Beautiful Buddha, grand building and lake with hill view. Open daily.
GPS 3.8232128N 103.3094645E
8)  Lao Zi Temple (Golden Dragon Temple)
Every year, close to 100,000 visitors drop in here to pay homage to the founder of Taoism.The main attraction of the temple is a sculpture of the Golden Dragon, reputed to be the longest in the world. Visitors are taken on a guided tour inside the dragon, going in through its tail and coming out from its mouth. Nestled within a 6ha plot of private land off Jalan Sungei Lembing near here is the famed Lao Zi temple. It takes about 15 minutes to walk the 823m path. Written on the walls are a 5,000- word scripture, known as the “Book of Tao and its Virtues.” For more information on the temple or to arrange for a guided tour, contact Fook Weng at 019-948 2020 or 016-936 2629
GPS: 3.856708N 103.248420E (NEAR BY THIS POINT!!!)
9) Telok Chempedak to Bukit Pelindung Jungle Track (by leg)
This is essentially tropical forest within 5 mins drive from the town. The track distance is 1.88KM and approximately 60 minutes walking. The air is so fresh. It will rise up to 220m from sea level.
Try to do it before 3pm.
GPS: 3.817625N 103.374996E
10) Bukit Gambang Water Park offers non-stop fun and excitement in an area spanning across 45.8 acres! Among the unique and fascinating attractions available include a man-made 17.1-acre lake with breathtaking views and also suitable for a wide variety of fun water sports. Check out the 24,000 sq ft wave pool that will surely offer a whale of a time!
Tel: 09- 548 8000 (10:30am till 6:30pm except closed on Tuesday)
GPS: 3.703630N 103.052445E

Places can visit during the trip to Cherating/Kemaman (One day trip)
A) Kedai Kopi Hai Peng-One of the best/oldest kopitiam in Malaysia. 
3753, Jalan Sulaimani
Chukai, 24000, Kemaman, Terengganu.
Tel No: 09 - 859 7810 (open from 6:45am till 6pm)
GPS : 4.23474N 103.421903E
B) Club Med Cherating - World Class Resort
With the South China Sea on one side and a tropical jungle on the other, Kuantan's Club Med Cherating Beach is situated along a dazzling coastline. Feels like you've arrived in a tropical paradise. With really friendly staff, great facilities and superb food. The GOs really put their heart and soul into allowing you to enjoy themselves without being too intrusive. Drinks all day long. In the evening along the beach, with cocktails in hand, watch the incredible sunset. What more to say. You have to go THERE !! Highly recommended for family with children as Club Med has an amazing program for their entertainment! Your children will be fully entertained with new friends and will have the opportunity tojoin in organised activities such as the trapeze course whenever they want. The kids will specially enjoy the new mini club. For some going out sailing may be the highlight; don't be fooled by the apparent lack of breeze at the beach, once you get out to the sea, wow, hold on tight!
GPS: 4.14397N 103.40850E
C) Cherating Turtle Sanctuary 
 was opened in 1997 on a 0.33ha site... It is managed by the Fisheries Department with co-operation of the Pahang State Government... Among its objectives are to protect turtles from threats, abuse and extinction and carry out turtle-hatchery programmes, conservation and research. The nesting season is April to early September when turtles will beach to lay eggs... Turtles beaching are the smallr green turtles rather that the leatherback at Rantau Abang further north... While the number of landing of leatherback has declined thru the years to almost none, the green turtle landings have increased lhe last 3 years... The green turtle is actually olive-brown in colour but is named after the colour of its fat... It can grow to over 1m in carapace length and weighs between 135kg and 170kg... It is almost exclusively vegetarian and feeds on sea grasses, algae and occasionally sponges, and lays between 80 and 150 eggs per nest... As with other species of turtle, these green turtles live long lives.
Day visiting Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays : 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5:30pm
(The lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm. The centre is closed on Mondays.)
Fridays: 9am to 12:00pm, 3pm to 5:30pm
(The centre is closed from 12pm to 3pm for Friday prayer)
Night Visiting Hours
Mondays to Sundays : 7:30pm to 7:30am
The programme during the night include turtle watching, releasing the hatchlings to the sea and the turtle hatching programme.
Visiting the centre is Free of Charge.
For more information, you can call the centre at +6 09 581 9087.
AddressPusat Penerangan dan Santuari Penyu Cherating, KM 45, Jalan Kuantan - Kemaman,
26080 Kuantan, Pahang (20 KM from Kemaman Town or 54 KM from Kuantan) 
Getting There:
If you are coming from Kuantan, follow the direction to Kemamam/Kuala Terengganu towards Cherating by using the scenic coastal highway route No. 3. You will see the signage that takes you to Club Med and Cherating Turtle Sanctuary.
GPS: 4.14475N, 103.40873E

Saturday, January 8, 2011

SL Villa (SL别墅历史)- Kuantan Homestay


最初,在1980年,我们去世的祖母杨锦曾担任清洁工 为从我们家在位于Jalan Air Putih 民宿。

曾在那里工作10年以上。随后在1988年,我们的 家里有一个空的土地和我的父亲计划建造一个别墅。就这样巧合我已故的祖父罗华也于年退休。因此,我父亲邀请双方祖父母照顾的新建- 7间客房的别墅。

当时,没有人知道它被命名为SL别墅。只是叫大家在华宾馆华宾馆不仅是为生意目的的地方。这所房子其实我们的家庭聚会和社交聚会点。几乎每个周末及公众假期或大日子的,我们的家庭(叔叔,阿姨, 堂兄弟,儿童,婴儿)宁愿选择这个地方去。


2006年,我们的父亲沈义桦坚持以建设大别墅容纳更多的客户。他有很强的原则:不取消客户的房间或“逼”顾客离开,而他们可能需要留几天接生意。他还保证了室内清洁,也是他们的人身安全 财物。



SL Villa Kuantan 已成为客户重要的记忆,特别是对我们的 家庭。让回忆继续... ... ..